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Introducing the WANPTEK Lab Bench Power Supply 300W Laboratory Switching Power Supply Unit. This versatile power supply is designed for laboratory use and offers adjustable digital source capabilities, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. With a maximum output voltage of 30V and a current output of 10A, this power supply provides a reliable and stable power source for various electronic projects.


  1. Adjustable Digital Source: The WANPTEK Lab Bench Power Supply allows users to easily adjust the output voltage and current digitally, providing precise control over the power supply. This feature is particularly useful for experiments and projects that require specific voltage and current settings.
  2. High Power Output: With a maximum power output of 300W, this lab bench power supply can handle demanding tasks and power hungry devices. Whether you are working on electronics repair, circuit testing, or educational experiments, this power supply can deliver the necessary power.
  3. Voltage Stabilizer: The unit also functions as a voltage stabilizer, ensuring a constant and stable output voltage even when there are fluctuations in the input voltage. This feature is crucial for protecting sensitive electronic components from voltage spikes and ensuring accurate measurements.
  4. Reliable and Safe: The WANPTEK Lab Bench Power Supply is built with high-quality components and features multiple safety protections, including overload protection, short circuit protection, and over-temperature protection. These safeguards ensure the safety of both the power supply and the connected devices.

The WANPTEK Lab Bench Power Supply is a compact and user-friendly unit that is perfect for any laboratory setting. The front panel features a clear and intuitive digital display that shows the set voltage and current, as well as the actual output values. The voltage and current can be easily adjusted using the built-in knobs or the digital control buttons.

This power supply offers a wide range of output voltage and current options, allowing users to select the most suitable settings for their specific needs. The output voltage can be adjusted from 0 to 30V, while the current output can be set from 0 to 10A. The ability to fine-tune the output parameters makes this power supply highly versatile and adaptable to various experiments and projects.

Additionally, the WANPTEK Lab Bench Power Supply features a voltage stabilizer function that ensures a constant and stable output voltage. This is particularly useful in situations where a precise and consistent voltage is required, such as in electronic circuit testing or calibration procedures.

Take your laboratory experiments and electronic projects to the next level with the WANPTEK Lab Bench Power Supply. With its adjustable digital source capabilities, high power

WANPTEK Lab Bench Power Supply Coupon
WANPTEK Lab Bench Power Supply Coupon
50.69 $64.99
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