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Introducing the new and improved Digital Microscope 1600X 12MP Camera Sensor Coin Microscope 7″ Touch LCD Microscope with Wired Remote 28 LED Fill Lights For PC. This revolutionary new microscope is the perfect tool for any hobbyist or professional to get up close and personal with a variety of objects. With a 1600X magnification and 12MP Camera Sensor, this microscope lets you zoom in and get a crystal clear view of whatever you’re looking at. Plus, the 7″ Touch LCD screen and 28 LED Fill Lights make it easy to get the perfect lighting every time. The Wired Remote also makes it easy to adjust settings and capture the perfect image. And for added convenience, the Digital Microscope is compatible with PCs, so you can view your images on a larger screen. Get the Digital Microscope today and explore the world in a whole new way!

Digital Microscope 1600X Coupon
Digital Microscope 1600X Coupon
$119.99 $124.99
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