Expired2.2KW 220V 12A PWM Frequency Converter Coupon

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This 2.2KW 220V 12A Single Phase Input 3 Phase Output PWM Frequency Converter Drive Inverter V/F Vector Control is an ideal solution for industrial and commercial applications. It provides a reliable and cost effective way to convert single phase AC power to three phase AC power, allowing you to use the same type of motor and drive the same type of machine regardless of the input power. It’s easy to install and use, and has a wide range of features, including adjustable output frequency, adjustable output voltage, and adjustable voltage and frequency ratio. It has a high overload capacity and can be used in harsh environments. This product is also very energy efficient, making it a great choice for those looking to reduce their energy costs. Additionally, it is backed by a two-year warranty and comes with a user-friendly manual. With this product, you can be sure that your motor and machine will always be running at their peak performance.

2.2KW 220V 12A PWM Frequency Converter Coupon
2.2KW 220V 12A PWM Frequency Converter Coupon
$89.99 $95.99
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