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Introducing the PVY H500 36V 10.4Ah 350W 27.5inch Electric Bicycle, the perfect companion for all your urban commuting and outdoor adventures. This electric bike boasts a powerful 350W motor and a high-capacity 10.4Ah battery, providing you with a maximum mileage of 40-60KM on a single charge. With a payload capacity of 120KG, this electric bike can effortlessly carry you and your belongings, making it ideal for daily commutes or weekend getaways.

One of the standout features of the PVY H500 is its dual disc brakes, which offer enhanced stopping power and improved safety. Whether you’re cruising through busy city streets or navigating challenging terrains, you can rely on the reliable braking system to bring you to a halt quickly and efficiently.

In terms of performance, this electric bike delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. The 27.5-inch wheels provide excellent stability and control, allowing you to maneuver through tight spaces or tackle uneven surfaces with ease. The 350W motor offers ample power to conquer inclines and accelerate quickly, ensuring a thrilling and enjoyable riding experience.

The PVY H500 also prioritizes user convenience. It features a digital display that allows you to easily monitor your speed, battery level, and distance traveled. The 3-level pedal assist system enables you to effortlessly switch between different levels of assistance, tailoring your ride to your desired level of exertion.

When it comes to value for money, the PVY H500 stands out among its competitors. With its impressive features, durable build quality, and reasonable price point, this electric bike offers excellent bang for your buck. Compared to similar products in the market, the PVY H500 excels in terms of its motor power, battery capacity, and payload capacity, making it a standout choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile electric bike.

– Powerful 350W motor for enhanced performance
– High-capacity 10.4Ah battery for longer rides
– Dual disc brakes for improved safety
– 27.5-inch wheels for stability and control
– Digital display for easy monitoring
– 3-level pedal assist system for customizable riding experience
– Reasonably priced for the features offered

– May require additional accessories for optimal performance, such as a helmet, lights, or a bike lock
– The maximum mileage may vary depending on factors such as terrain, rider weight, and weather conditions


PVY H500 Electric Bicycle Coupon
PVY H500 Electric Bicycle Coupon
US$909.99 $1559.99
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