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Introducing the ONESPORT OT16 48V 15Ah 350W 20*3.0inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle! This electric bike is designed to provide an efficient and convenient mode of transportation, perfect for commuters or those who simply enjoy leisurely rides. With its powerful electric motor and long-lasting battery, this bike offers an impressive range of 100-130KM on a single charge. It can easily handle a maximum payload of 120KG, making it suitable for riders of various sizes.

One of the standout features of the ONESPORT OT16 is its fat tire design. The 20*3.0inch tires not only provide enhanced stability and control, but they also allow for smooth rides on various terrains, including sand, snow, and gravel. This makes it a versatile choice for those who like to explore off-road trails or enjoy beach rides.

The 350W motor ensures a smooth and powerful ride, with a top speed of 25km/h. The bike also features a 7-speed Shimano gear system, allowing riders to easily adjust their speed and tackle different terrains with ease. The folding design of the bike makes it incredibly convenient for storage and transportation, making it a great choice for those with limited space or who frequently travel with their bike.

When it comes to value for money, the ONESPORT OT16 offers a great deal. With its high-quality components and impressive performance, it competes with more expensive electric bikes on the market. The long battery life and range make it suitable for longer commutes or weekend adventures, while the folding design adds an extra layer of convenience.

In terms of comparisons, the ONESPORT OT16 stands out from the crowd due to its fat tire design and folding feature. While other electric bikes may offer similar specifications, they often lack these unique features. The fat tires provide enhanced stability and control, while the folding design allows for easy storage and transportation.

1. Fat tire design for enhanced stability and control.
2. Folding feature for easy storage and transportation.
3. Powerful 350W motor for a smooth and powerful ride.
4. Long battery life and impressive range of 100-130KM.
5. Suitable for riders up to 120KG in weight.
6. Versatile for various terrains, including sand, snow, and gravel.
7. 7-speed Shimano gear system for easy adjustment and tackling different terrains.

1. May be on the heavier side due to the fat tire design.
2. Additional accessories such as a helmet, bike lock, and lights may need to be purchased separately.


ONESPORT OT16 Electric Bicycle Coupon
ONESPORT OT16 Electric Bicycle Coupon
US$829.99 $1129.99
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