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Introducing the LILYGO® T-Deck ESP32-S3 LoRa 2.8 inch LCD Development Board – the ultimate solution for IoT enthusiasts and developers looking to create cutting-edge projects with long range communication capabilities. This powerful development board combines the latest ESP32-S3 chip with LoRa technology, WiFi, and Bluetooth modules, all packed into a compact 2.8 inch LCD display board.


  1. ESP32-S3 Chip: The ESP32-S3 chip is a highly advanced microcontroller that offers improved processing power and efficiency, making it ideal for IoT applications.
  2. LoRa Technology: With support for 433MHz, 868MHz, and 915MHz frequencies, this board allows for long-range communication over distances of up to several kilometers, perfect for remote monitoring and control applications.
  3. WiFi and Bluetooth Modules: In addition to LoRa, this board also features built-in WiFi and Bluetooth modules, providing versatile connectivity options for a wide range of IoT projects.
  4. 2.8 inch LCD Display: The integrated 2.8 inch LCD display makes it easy to interact with your project, allowing for real-time data visualization and user interface design.
  5. Compact Design: Despite its powerful features, the T-Deck Development Board is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it perfect for prototyping and deploying in various environments.

Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to experiment with IoT technologies or a professional developer working on a commercial project, the LILYGO® T-Deck ESP32-S3 LoRa Development Board offers the performance and flexibility you need. With support for multiple communication protocols, a vibrant LCD display, and a compact form factor, this board is perfect for creating innovative IoT solutions in industries such as agriculture, smart cities, and industrial automation.

Upgrade your IoT projects with the LILYGO® T-Deck ESP32-S3 LoRa Development Board today and experience the power of long-range communication combined with advanced connectivity options. Don’t miss out on this versatile development board – order now and take your projects to the next level!

LILYGO® T-Deck ESP32-S3 Development Board Coupon
LILYGO® T-Deck ESP32-S3 Development Board Coupon
56.23 $75.99
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