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The Janolia 1.3L 200W Portable Electric Lunch Box Food Warmer is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a warm, homemade meal at the office or home. This innovative product allows you to conveniently heat up your food without the need for a microwave or stove. With its compact size and removable stainless steel container, it is designed to provide you with a convenient and hygienic way to enjoy your favorite meals on the go.


  1. 1.3L Capacity: The lunch box has a spacious 1.3L capacity, allowing you to pack a hearty meal that will keep you satisfied throughout the day.
  2. Portable Design: With its compact and lightweight design, the Janolia Electric Lunch Box is easy to carry around. It is perfect for office workers, students, or anyone who needs a warm meal while on the move.
  3. Removable Stainless Steel Container: The lunch box comes with a removable stainless steel container, which is easy to clean and safe for food storage. This container is also microwave and dishwasher safe, giving you the flexibility to heat and clean your meal quickly and conveniently.
  4. Electric Heating: The lunch box is equipped with a powerful 200W electric heating technology that quickly heats up your food to an optimal temperature. This ensures that your meal retains its original flavors and tastes just like it was freshly cooked.
  5. Safe and Reliable: The Janolia Electric Lunch Box is made from high-quality, food-grade materials that are BPA-free and safe for use. It also features an anti-dry function, which automatically turns off the heating when there is no water in the base, preventing any accidents and ensuring your safety.
  6. Easy to Use: Simply plug in the lunch box using the included EU plug, add a little water to the base, and place your food in the stainless steel container. The lunch box will start heating your food, and in just a few minutes, you will have a warm and delicious meal ready to enjoy.
  7. With the Janolia 1.3L 200W Portable Electric Lunch Box Food Warmer, you no longer have to settle for cold sandwiches or unhealthy fast food options. This convenient and portable lunch box allows you to enjoy warm and nutritious homemade meals wherever you go. Whether you are at the office, studying at school, or traveling, this electric lunch box will be your ultimate companion. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your lunchtime experience – get your Janolia Electric Lunch Box today!
Janolia 1.3L 200W Portable Electric Lunch Box Coupon
Janolia 1.3L 200W Portable Electric Lunch Box Coupon
$32.99 $31.99
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