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The FeelTech FY3224S (FY3200S-24M) 24MHz Dual-channel Arbitrary Waveform DDS Function Signal Generator Sine Square Wave Sweep Counter is a powerful tool for generating complex signals with precise waveforms. With its dual-channel output, it allows for simultaneous generation of signals with different frequencies, phases, and amplitudes. It features a frequency range of 0.001Hz to 24MHz, adjustable amplitude, adjustable duty cycle, and pulse width modulation. The waveform generator has 8 built-in waveforms, including sine, square, ramp, and pulse, as well as arbitrary waveforms with up to 8192 points of resolution. It also features a sweep counter for creating frequency sweeps and a user-defined sweep counter. Its intuitive control interface makes it easy to use, and it is compatible with PC software for remote control and data logging. This signal generator is the perfect choice for test and measurement applications, providing reliable and accurate waveforms for a variety of applications.

FeelTech FY3224S Coupon
FeelTech FY3224S Coupon
$69.99 $75.99
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