ExpiredExcellway 200A Ground Welding Clamp Set Coupon

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The Excellway 200A Groud Welding Earth Clamp Clip Set fits MIG TIG ARC welding machines with cables in the range of 1.5M~3M. It is made of high-quality copper and steel materials, allowing it to have a stable and reliable performance. This clamp set is designed with an adjustable clip for easy installation and a maximum current of 200A to meet your welding needs. It also has a unique insulation design that effectively prevents electric shock, providing a safe and secure welding environment. Additionally, it has a strong clamping force, suitable for various welding processes. This product is a great choice for any welding project and is sure to deliver long-term durability. Purchase it now and get the benefit of a 10% discount.

Excellway 200A Ground Welding Clamp Set Coupon
Excellway 200A Ground Welding Clamp Set Coupon
$24.36 $25.64
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