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Introducing the ESCAM QF370 3MP WiFi IP Camera with Solar Panel, a cutting-edge home safety camera that combines advanced technology with convenience. This camera boasts a 3MP resolution, ensuring crisp and clear images and videos. With a built-in solar panel, you can say goodbye to the hassle of constantly recharging the camera. The solar panel efficiently converts sunlight into power, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source.


Intelligent Night Vision: Equipped with advanced night vision technology, the ESCAM QF370 ensures clear footage even in low-light conditions. With its infrared LEDs, this camera can capture detailed images up to 65 feet away, allowing you to monitor your home round the clock.

  1. PIR Motion Detection: The QF370 features a PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor that accurately detects any movement within its range. This ensures that you are immediately alerted to any potential intruders, giving you peace of mind and enhancing your home security.
  2. IP66 Waterproof: Designed to withstand various weather conditions, this camera is IP66 waterproof rated. Whether it’s rain or shine, the QF370 will continue to function flawlessly, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. Two-Way Audio: Stay connected with your loved ones or scare off any unwanted visitors with the two-way audio feature. The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to communicate in real-time, making this camera ideal for both home monitoring and intercom purposes.
  4. H.265 Support: This camera supports H.265 video compression, which ensures efficient storage and transmission of high-quality videos. You can store a large amount of footage without compromising on image resolution.
  5. TF Card Support: The ESCAM QF370 supports TF cards (not included) of up to 128GB, allowing you to store a significant amount of video recordings locally. This eliminates the need for cloud storage subscriptions and provides you with more control over your data.

The ESCAM QF370 3MP WiFi IP Camera is designed to provide you with a comprehensive home surveillance solution. Whether you want to keep an eye on your property, monitor your children or pets, or simply ensure your home’s safety, this camera delivers exceptional performance.

With its 3MP resolution, the QF370 captures sharp and detailed images, allowing you to see every important detail. The camera’s advanced night vision technology ensures that you can monitor your home even in complete darkness. The infrared LEDs provide clear and detailed footage up to 65 feet away, ensuring that no movement goes unnoticed.


ESCAM QF370 3MP WiFi IP Camera with Solar Panel Coupon
ESCAM QF370 3MP WiFi IP Camera with Solar Panel Coupon
41.99 $59.99
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