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Introducing the M/L/XL Audew 210D Oxford Fabric Car Cover, the ultimate solution for all-weather protection for your beloved vehicle. Crafted with high-quality 210D Oxford fabric, this car cover is designed to withstand the harshest elements and keep your car safe and secure. Whether it’s scorching heat, heavy rain, or snow, this car cover is built to handle it all.


  1. Waterproof and Durable: Made from 210D Oxford fabric, this car cover is fully waterproof, ensuring your vehicle stays dry even during the heaviest downpours. The fabric is also highly durable, protecting your car from scratches, dust, and other external damages.
  2. All-Weather Protection: Designed to provide all-weather protection, this car cover can withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from blistering heat to freezing cold. It effectively shields your car from UV rays, preventing paint fading and interior discoloration.
  3. Adjustable Straps: The car cover is equipped with adjustable straps that ensure a snug fit for different car sizes (M/L/XL). This feature prevents the cover from slipping off during high winds or storms, providing ultimate protection for your vehicle.
  4. Reflective Strips: With strategically placed reflective strips, this car cover adds an extra layer of safety during nighttime. The reflective strips enhance visibility, making it easier for other drivers to spot your parked vehicle, preventing any potential accidents.

The M/L/XL Audew 210D Oxford Fabric Car Cover is meticulously crafted to provide the best possible protection for your car. The 210D Oxford fabric is not only waterproof but also highly durable, making it perfect for long-term outdoor use. It effectively shields your vehicle from rain, snow, dust, bird droppings, and tree sap, ensuring your car stays in pristine condition.

The adjustable straps of the car cover allow for a customized fit, ensuring a tight and secure coverage on your vehicle. No more worries about the cover being blown away by strong winds or heavy storms. The elastic hem at the bottom further enhances the fit, keeping the cover in place even during adverse weather conditions.

The reflective strips on the car cover provide an added safety feature, especially when parking your vehicle on the roadside. They reflect light, making your car more visible to other drivers, reducing the risk of accidental collisions.

Don’t compromise on the safety and protection of your car. Invest in the M/L/XL Audew 210D Oxford Fabric Car Cover today and give your vehicle the ultimate all-weather protection it deserves.

Audew M/L/XL  210D Oxford Fabric Car Cover Coupon
Audew M/L/XL 210D Oxford Fabric Car Cover Coupon
22.99 $49.99
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