AOOSTAR GEM12 AMD R9 6900HX Mini PC Coupon

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Here is a detailed review of the AOOSTAR GEM12 AMD R9 6900HX Mini PC:


– AMD R9 6900HX 8 Core 16 Thread processor
– Two configurations available: 16GB DDR5 + 512GB SSD or 32GB DDR5 + 1TB SSD
– 4K Quad Screen Output for high-resolution display
– WIFI6 and BT5.2 for fast wireless connectivity
– HD USB4 Type-C for versatile connectivity options
– Dual 2.5G LAN for high-speed networking


The AOOSTAR GEM12 Mini PC offers excellent performance with its powerful AMD R9 6900HX processor and high-speed DDR5 memory. The 4K Quad Screen Output allows for stunning visuals, making it ideal for multimedia and gaming applications. The inclusion of WIFI6 and BT5.2 ensures fast and reliable wireless connectivity, while the dual 2.5G LAN ports provide high-speed networking capabilities.

Value for Money:

The AOOSTAR GEM12 Mini PC offers great value for money considering its high-end specifications and features. The two configuration options provide flexibility to choose based on your storage and memory requirements, making it suitable for a variety of users.


– Powerful AMD R9 6900HX processor
– High-speed DDR5 memory
– 4K Quad Screen Output
– WIFI6 and BT5.2 connectivity
– Dual 2.5G LAN ports


– Higher price point compared to some other mini PCs on the market
– Limited storage options compared to larger desktop PCs

Additional Accessories/Features:

Depending on your needs, you may want to consider purchasing additional accessories such as a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to complete your setup. Additionally, external storage options like an external hard drive or NAS can be useful for expanding storage capacity.


The AOOSTAR GEM12 AMD R9 6900HX Mini PC is a high-performance and feature-rich mini desktop PC that offers great value for users looking for a compact yet powerful computing solution. It is well-suited for professionals, content creators, and gamers who require a fast and reliable system for demanding tasks. While it may be pricier than some other mini PCs, the performance and features it offers make it worth considering for those in need of a high-end mini PC.

AOOSTAR GEM12 AMD R9 6900HX Mini PC Coupon
AOOSTAR GEM12 AMD R9 6900HX Mini PC Coupon
$US$409.99 $699.99
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