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Introducing the AGSIVO 7.4″ LED Digital Projection Alarm Clock With FM Radio / Rotating Projector / Mirror Surface / Temperature Display / Humidity Display / Snooze / External USB Charger. This modern and versatile alarm clock is designed to not only wake you up in the morning but also provide you with a range of useful features to enhance your daily routine. With its sleek and contemporary design, this alarm clock will not only be a functional addition to your bedroom but also a stylish one.


  1. LED Digital Projection: This alarm clock features a built-in projector that can display the time on any wall or ceiling in your room. The adjustable projection angle ensures that you can easily view the time from any position in your bedroom.
  2. FM Radio: Enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations with the built-in FM radio feature. With a wide range of available channels, you can easily find your preferred station and wake up to your favorite music or news.
  3. Rotating Projector: The projector can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing you to project the time onto different surfaces in your room. This feature provides flexibility in choosing the best projection angle for your needs.
  4. Mirror Surface: The clock’s mirror surface not only adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom but also serves as a functional mirror for your daily grooming routine.
  5. Temperature and Humidity Display: Stay informed about the temperature and humidity levels in your room with the clear and easy-to-read display. This feature allows you to create a comfortable environment for a good night’s sleep.
  6. Snooze Function: The snooze function allows you to extend your sleep time by a few minutes. Simply press the snooze button, and the alarm will stop temporarily, giving you a bit more time to wake up gradually.
  7. External USB Charger: The alarm clock comes with an external USB charger, allowing you to conveniently charge your smartphone or other devices while you sleep.

Upgrade your morning routine with the AGSIVO 7.4″ LED Digital Projection Alarm Clock. With its range of features including LED digital projection, FM radio, rotating projector, mirror surface, temperature and humidity display, snooze function, and external USB charger, this alarm clock offers convenience and style in one package. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your bedroom with this modern and versatile alarm clock. Get yours today!

AGSIVO 7.4″ LED Digital Projection Alarm Clock Coupon
AGSIVO 7.4″ LED Digital Projection Alarm Clock Coupon
$20.99 $25.99
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