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Introducing the 2m Square Beach Umbrella Adjustable Steel Pole Outdoor Garden Patio Parasol Sunshade! This sturdy umbrella is the perfect addition to your beach or patio setup. The 2m square canopy provides ample coverage to keep you and your loved ones cool and comfortable all day long. The adjustable steel pole is built to last and features a push-button tilt system for easy control of the angle of the canopy. This umbrella also features UPF 50+ protection and is waterproof, so you can be sure it will keep you safe and dry in any weather. The parasol also comes with an easy-carry case for convenient storage and transport. Whether you are going to the beach, a picnic, or just looking for some shade in your garden, the 2m Square Beach Umbrella is perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the sun in comfort and style today!

2m Square Beach Umbrella Coupon
2m Square Beach Umbrella Coupon
$62.86 $84.95
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